Monday, November 2, 2009

Late Sunday News

Hello fellow readers,

Halloween is over for another year and I don’t want to see any pumpkins or scary faces for the next 364 days. :p

And for start of this week, I have the most fantastic news for you all coming from Striking Poses, so let’s begin!

“Wet Dreams” does this name say something to you?, well for me it does and for all our member in our group, because this is the new release for this week. This collection is based on Jenna Jameson a porn star, so you can imagine how good this poses are. There are 10 poses, and 2 of them are very well made sitting ones. And of course they are super sexy with the quality that you know from Striking Poses.

Wet Dreams Fatpack

Now you can breathe as shapes are back with this lovely shape called “Bryony”. This will remind you of that girl next door all tall and slander. Don’t forget to try the demo before you buy and take a look on at the face, how cute?

Bryony Shape

Don’t forget that International Supermodel 14,” Camera Candy” and “In the Mood” are the latest releases, so check them out at our store.

I have a great piece of interesting news; we at Striking Poses are going to be part of the Footwear Expo 2009! WOOT, it is not us doing some shoes, nope, we are doing the Poses! They are just magnificent, you will be so surprised, but for now, I have just this teaser (I’m so proud of it)

Striking Poses at Footwear Expo '09

In the other side of the news, we have what you all love, SALE!!! Grab your shopping bag and come to our store, we have the “Miss All American” collection; these poses were based on Drew Barrymore, and is very very cute. Wondering about the price? Well, it is on SALE! (I just told you) 250L for the full collection and 25L for the single poses.

Miss All American

*ACHTUNG!* **Only available in main store near the dollarbie tree stand.
And about dollarbies, how lucky are you all as this week’s is just an amazing pose, it shows all the energy and vitality inside you. Don’t think on it, you MUST have it! Don’t forget only for our group members will the pose cost you 1L and for non group members, it’ll cost a little more. Sorry!

Dollarbie 2

Do you want to be a member of our group? Well, that is easy peasy, just click on any board inside or outside the store, and voila! You are in, so easy ;)

Have a nice week and don’t eat all your kids’ candies!



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