Saturday, March 28, 2009

What is better than a HUUUUG!!

Huhu there!!

IS FRIDAY!! and believe it or not, I got a really nice day at work... ah well ...lets talk about poses that is better than a RL job xD

Zelly was inspired with her previous creation based on the Olsen girls that she had to go and make another, and this one just being as adorable as the previous one!


You can use this couples pose with anyone you like, best friend, daughter, mum, cousin, sister.. even your pet cat!, okies maybe not your cat, but you get the idea! I chose to call the one boy in my life that means the world to me, and we shared this pose together, this lovely embrace. (How could I refuse him the embrace, he had just bought me the TULI Relay For Life edition!!! he deserved more than a big bear hug, bless him).

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OKAY ... that's all for today, have a nice weekend!

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