Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Introducing the Boutique Stores 1

The Boutique Stores are looking great up on the third floor of the Striking Poses mainstore. If you haven't been and had a look around yet...what are you waiting for?

I'm so excited about the stores that I can help but jump the gun a bit and share some of the awesomeness with you a wee bit early this week.

I'm a huge Pink fan, so broke out pink hair and the awesome new Pink poses to bring you a preview of two of the great stores we have up on the third floor.

First Pic - Pink Pose #5
Wearing - Jem Tshirt ($50) and Knit Thigh High Stockings ($59) from Gumdrop and Denim Skirt from Milly Molly (from the Suspenders Jeans Skirt set)

Second Pic - Pink Pose #9
Wearing -
Suspenders Jeans Skirt set ($149) from Milly Molly (comes with the tank top and white ankle socks)

If you are an 80s child like I am, you will love the 80s retro tees featuring such 80s icons as Jem, Smurfette, My Little Pony - to name a few, and if not, there are cute fairy duster skirts and an outfit that has me giggling over the name - Rumplebump. The thigh socks are fabulous too...and a great price. There is a LM to Gumdrop's mainstore, so check it out.

Milly Molly
Great clothing at wonderful prices. Some of the clothing also has that 80s vibe, featuring mini skirts and dresses teamed up with tights. I don't care what anyone says, I loved that look then and still love it now! Whilst browsing, pick up the free facelight and the dollarbie baby butterflies! I especially love the dancing Yippi and could spend hours mesmerised by it.

First Pic - Eva Mendes #4
Second Pic - Playboy 0209 Colombia
Wearing - Sophisticat in Red ($399), Panel Skirt and Lace Skirt options from Pout

A new look for an old SL designer. Wanting a fresher, sexier and younger look, Pout was born. The newest release is the Sophisticat Dress which comes with 4 skirt options in the full pack which is an absolute steal at only $399. You get the sexy panel skirt, a mini flexi skirt, the assymetrical lace skirt and the full ballgown skirt. However, if you are not a gown fan, it does come in a pack with just the panel and flexi mini skirt options for only $200. Your colour options are red, purple and black. Its a very versatile "must have" for any inventory!

Cute Girl Freebie Pose
Mouth Fish ($50) from Core

Something no Neko should be without...a cute little mouth fishie. Core is a great little store just starting out, so give it a look and you'll be surprised at the cute things you will find there, from Neko wear to jewellry to cute shapes!

I'll be back later in the week to introduce some more of the fantastic Boutique Stores to you. Until then, do swing by and explore them yourself, and check out all the new and exciting poses down at Striking Poses.

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