Sunday, March 29, 2009

Skipping the Sunday News

Hello there,

I know how you all love my Sunday news, how you look forward to see if you have made it onto our Weekly Drawing winners list, to see what is on sale this week and then of course you all want to know what the dollarbie will be for the week…

This Sunday we don’t have any of that news for you, but instead we do have this video I spent last night putting together using some of the Striking Pose poses. I should have written a list of names of the poses I used, as now I do not remember them. Sorry! (was 2am in the morning *blushes*)

(I am sorry to upload this again but I managed to get the video with the music that I wanted, I know the quality is not the best, but I'll work on that for the future)

Zelly took free this week so I will be posting some of the old releases, just to refresh your memory and show to the new costumers what we have.

Thanks to all of you for your loyalty and welcome to the new girls!

With love ... Ake :)

Okay ... we have a new Dollarbie based on Donna Summer and looks really lovely. ;)

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