Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lets be a Diva! (with Striking Poses of course)

This week I am going to start with a glamorous couples pose based on the Olsen girls. Looking at the pictures can you believe how much they have grown up? I can remember the pair when they were little minxes, oh and I should call them ladies and not girls… or well.. maybe not.. :p

Darling Divas

The pose is lovely, and you really feel close to the person that you share this pose with, it looks like you are sharing a really special moment together!

Sometimes I feel like a real diva and of course my best friend feels this too, we wanted to make a picture to send to a magazine with an interview title that reads “Divas of SL” hahaha.. just joking. (if you are a magazine owner and you are interested… contact us! *lalala*)

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Sooo ... have a nice evening!! or day, or morning or whatever is your time xD

Don’t forget, all our customers who are currently renting boutiques at Striking Poses, if you send Jordan sample clothing she’ll use them in her blog posts that she does during week! The posts will not only contain pictures, there will also be a description to go with them giving you and your store full recognition!

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