Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Glamorous Girls use Striking Poses

Hi people,

In this world there are women that have the look that captivates everyone, they have an attitude that even buildings would move out of the way of, they are full of confidence that they can assist the most poshest of British parties without the need of a hat, a pair of gloves and wear mini skirt.

Of course I’m talking about the old times, where you had to blend in with high society environment, where they had to follow rules, and be that perfect lady. Today I introduce our celebrity that broke those and wow! What a good job she did of it.

Jean Shrimpton is out new release for today, and our fat pack collection offers sophisticated yet casual, they have really style, a very unique style.

As always, if you want to be just like our weekly celebrity, just stop on by our store and try these poses out for yourself! And if you like them.. you know what to do! xD

I already added all of them to my hud and wow … how cool I look, now I really have a special style, every time, every day, every where ;)

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Have a nice day!

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