Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Poses to Remember


Today we’ll start the week with those celebrities that we all know, we all love and those we will never forget.

Just like King Kong how could we ever forget that blond haired girl he fell in love with? Yes mam’ I’m talking about Fay Wray and today Striking Poses are proud to announce her as our new celebrity of the week.

I must tell you that these poses have that perfect artistic touch, some of them based on the movies she stared in, and others from random photos. You will find the fatpack comes with elegant and mature poses, some are sexy and suggestive ideal for inviting your partner to come and play.

As always, to give you an idea on how to model your poses I have made the following shot just for you, I hope this inspires you to be creative with Striking Poses ;)

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I’ve been celebrating the International Women’s day and I forgot to mention following bit of news Striking Poses has for you.

Let’s start by mentioning all those lucky random weekly winners! Congratulations to:

- Unique Gelbert

- Shilo Avro

- Vixcin Stockton

- Akemichan Magic

- Elenitsa Magic

Do not forget to contact ZELLY by March 12 to receive your choice of one of the new release pose packs.

We have another big celebration on its way, and we at Striking Poses have for each one of you a lovely gift to celebrate it, so come on over to our store to pick up your St Patrick Day’s gift!

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Everyone loves freebies, and we know this at Stinking Pose. For the boys we have an offer that you can’t refuse, that’s right, we are still giving away Marlon Brando poses! 1L!!!

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For the girls is still Monica Bellucci on sale with that cute pose.1L!!!

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Only for this week! We have a fatpack collection based on Kristin Bell poses reduced from 50L to 25L, Fatpack priced at 250L

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And a reminder that you can now rent space at our store, this is ideal if you want to expand, or just new and wanting to start out. We offer a number of lovely boutiques at our store located on the third floor, if you want more information contact Jordan Whitt, she can answer queries you may have. But I must tell you that now we are FULL, but Jordan can add you to her waiting list … or should I say “wish list”?

Are you looking for some Advertising Opportunities? Well you are reading the correct blog, be sure to grab an advertising board in Striking Poses store to show off your business. They are located by all 3 main doors, over the lucky chairs and along the back wall.

Okay that is, just one more thing … We have discontinued the picks reward program until further notice. We'd like to personally thank each of you who participated.

Uff, have a nice Tuesday :P

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