Monday, March 9, 2009

Boutique Update 3

There is still more wonderfulness up on the third floor of Striking Poses to share with you all, so here we go with the next installment...

Pic One Pose - Adriana Lima #4
Wearing - Snow Leopard ($300)

Pic Two Pose - Bette Davis #5
Wearing - Pink Shirl ($300) Patterned Skirt Option
Inset - Flexi Skirt Option

Pic Three Pose - Christina Applegate Dollarbie
Wearing -
Wildcat ($250)

Wow the clothes in this store are amazing. There's the huge variety of everything from gowns, to casual to sexy! I love the Snow Leopard jacket texture - just so yummy. The picture I took came out a bit smaller than I thought it would so it doesn't show just how fabulous the clothes are, but the walls at the Elle boutique store at Striking Poses does, so pop on up and spend some time browsing and you'll fall in love too!

Pose - Eva Mendes #1
Wearing -
Australia Day Outfit ($195) Tutu Skirt Option from Matahari Style
Inset Pose - Billie Piper Dollarbie
Wearing -
Australia Day Outfit Bikini Option

Matahari Style
Eep don't tell anyone you saw me wearing this. Its enough to get a good Briwi (British/Kiwi) deported! I just couldn't get over the cleverness of having the map of Australia as the corset...complete with Tasmania! The set comes with the tutu skirt, thong and long pants. There is also an American set for the patriotic but I forgot to see if that had a clever bodice too. There's something you can go check out along with the rest of the clothes on sale at Matahari Style!

Pose - Catrinel Menghia #8
Wearing -
Simplicity Dark Red ($99) with Bolero Jacket from Jazmyn D
Inset -
Without Bolero Jacket

Jazmyn D
Fun, flirty and affordable! I love how the Simplicity dress comes with a bolero jacket which totally alters the look of the red dress underneath. In her stores at Striking Poses, Jazmyn showcases some great gear for the stylish lady including shoes and boots! Take a look around and you might be surprised at what you find there.

There's some exciting and wonderful new releases from Zelly that I know Ake is just dying to share with you all. Don't forget how much we all love seeing what you do with your Striking Poses. Take a picture and share it with us on the Striking Poses Flickr page. Maybe we'll spot you wearing something from the Boutiques!

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