Saturday, March 21, 2009

Let him to do with you what he wants ;)

Finally it’s FRIDAY, Weekend time! Weeeee! Ah it means so much to me, how much I hate working in real life…

Anyway.. Firstly I’ll start today with the new releases that are out ..
Secondly the weekend is here, two days of freedom! *dances* oh, I already mentioned that? :p

Thirdly ... We have yet another couples pose for you. Zelly has named this one "In your hands" and words are not enough to describe this pose!

In Your Hands

For the guys today we have this rather interesting and insinuate gift, it is an ideal present for your girlfriend! ;)

When I first saw it I had to give my boyfriend a call, and get him round, I was so inspired by this pose! Just look at the photo we produced and you should see the other ones we took too! ;)

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The night was short and every moment counted. He carried me to our bed and he slowly unzipped my dress, I could feel his breathing against my neck. He moved his hands slowly up my and back down again, every touch made my spine
shiver; he was so gentle, so soft.
I could feel him slowly moving closer to me, his lips slowly touched my skin, so tender and soft. He took me in his arms and we sat on the bed….
“I am in your hands”

Ah, that is what I imagine when I see this pose…

Have a nice weekend!

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