Saturday, March 7, 2009

Boutique Update 2

I have some more from our wonderful Boutique Stores to share with you today.

Pose - Angelina Jolie #5
Wearing - Lexy Blue Jeans ($50) from Laval Fashions, White Tank from the Jean Skirt Set previously blogged from Milly Molly
Inset - BarBed Choker ($250) from Core

Laval Fashions
Cute, sexy and fun is how I would describe Laval Fashions. The prices are awesome too. I just love jeans, and the Lexy Blue Jeans are so cute. They are a bit lighter than the picture shows and the texture is really lovely. The bottoms can be attached for the more flared look or without for wearing with boots. Laval Fashions is worth having a look around.

Pose - Ashanti Dollarbie
Wearing -
Argyle Dress in Black ($185) from Clover
Inset -
Flexi Skirt option

This is fast becoming a favourite store of mine. I have already bought a couple of outfits from it and could easily add the entire store inventory to mine! The clothes are sexy, sophisticated and the prices are great! This is a store you need to peek in and see if you can escape without making a purchase!

Pose - Vanessa Paradise Lucky Chair
Wearing - Giada Chocolate Flexi Formal Gown ($100) from Katz

A fairly new store, Katz has been around for approximately 6 months, selling moderately priced clothing from casual wear to formal and wedding gowns. I especially liked the rich chocolate colour of this gown. Browns are often overlooked in the formal wear department, so its nice to see it is making an appearance. For more colour options on all items, the full ranges are at the Katz mainstore.

Sexton's Photography
Seems only fitting that at a pose store you would find a photography studio advertising its services. The studio isn't located at the Striking Poses mainstore, but by clicking the sign, you will receive notecards and a LM to the Sexton's Photography main location. Also for all the people out there who love entering photo competitions, there is one being run by Sexton's Photography ending March 30th, so get your Striking Poses packed up and give it a shot! All information on the competition and Sexton's rates are in the notecards.

P.S. In case you have been hiding under a rock and missed all the notices, there is a Midnight Mania at Striking Poses today with a mixed pack of 10 amazing poses picked out from the model collections. You still have 7 hrs to get your name in to win some great free stuff from the ever generous Zelly!

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