Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Boutiquing!

I have some more goodies from our Boutique Stores for you today, including some new additions to our ranks.

Pose 1 - Adriana Lima #4
Wearing -
CuppYcake Necklace ($200) from Core

Pose 2 - Alessandra Ambrosio #4
Wearing -
Funky 80s BanGles ($125) from Core

Quirky and fun. Thats how I would describe Core and the fabulous things you can buy there. The necklace is just so adorable. If you are a huge cupcake fan like I am, you'll love the detail that has gone into this. The little cupcake is almost good enough to eat! Then slap on some blue eyeshadow, find your biggest hair and slip on the funky 80s bangles! These are gorgeous and soooo....funky!

Pose - Sarah Michelle Gellar #7
Wearing -
Winter Delight in Blue ($240) from Elle

This is just a terrific outfit for wearing out shopping or hanging out with friends. There is an adorable tank top which can be worn on its own or under the amazing cardigan which has the cutest fur trim down the front. I love the pants too. The colour and cut is beautiful and the detailing up around the waistband just adds a little extra.

Things never stand still here in Second Life and neither do our Boutique Stores. We have several new and awesome stores for you to explore and fall in love with.

Body Doubles
Since my noob days in Second Life, I have always had a Body Doubles shape. I started out with the free newbie shape in their wonderful free pack for newbies, and eventually found one I liked enough to buy and keep as my official shape. Body Doubles specialise in creating celebrity shapes for males and females. They even have a range of shapes specially designed to work with some of the more popular skin ranges. New releases include the shapes inspired by the movie Twilight. At $600 each, they are a bargain for fans of the books and movie. A reminder, you are just purchasing the shape. There is a notecard included which does list everything (ie skin, hair, clothing etc) that has been used in the display pictures. And they go perfectly with the poses you will find downstairs at Striking Poses.

Don't forget to check out the awesome poses Ake has been sharing with us this week and the wonderful pose Zelly has created for Relay for Life. Its available in vendors at Striking Poses. Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted too.

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