Tuesday, March 17, 2009

STOP!!! ... by Striking Poses!

Today we start the week of the couple poses! And what would be better than sitting around with your favourite girl, your BFF! Yup, we have a pose just for that!

The following couple’s poses based on a real life pose by the famous Deschanel sisters, this pose invites you and your close friend to talk about all in confidence together.

It is always good to have someone to talk to about things, to share those deep dark secrets, to tell them your deepest desires! This pose is just perfect for that! Soo.. get yourself over to our store now and pickup this charming pose!

Last Saturday I invited Jordan to my house , we sat at my garden and shared some funny stories about us and … Zelly *giggles* but I can’t tell you anymore … sorry, just reserved for BFF ;)

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For all of you from Striking Poses Team!!! (try to find the leprechaun xD )

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