Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Poses for all you designers

Hi there,

first at all I would like to apologize for not showing you our new releases before, but I was out of the city and where I had to go, I didn't want to use internet, to visit a friend is not to take your laptop with you and get stuck all day on it, to visit friends, is to share all what you have inside after 6 months of not seing eachother :) and not excuses ... was her bday ;)

First of all I'd like to say sorry for not showing you the new releases earlier, but I was out in the city over the past few days and I didn't have access to the Internet. As much as I wanted to tak emy laptop with me so I could make this post for you, I couldn't. I was visiting a friend I had not seen in 6 months, we were celebrating her brithday, and yeah, I had lots of fun :D

So, I have arrived home and I have this wonderful new release, perfrect for those shoe or jewellery designers. This couples pose is base on Versaci ad with Carmen Kass possing too (she was our release last week)

Soley Yours Couples Pose

I wanted to show you a different view using both poses at the same time, but looking at it again, is not just good for shoes or jewerly, look how the legs can be exposed and how tattoos or a nice pair of longs pants can be very good look with this pose. or Prim nails, accesories ... everything!

I wanted to show you what you can do when you use two poses together, sitting here looking at it, I would say it can be used for more than just to show of those shoes or jewellery, look at how the legs are exposed just think how a tattoo or even a pair of pants would look when using these poses, or maybe even prim nails, or accessories... ah what not everything!

model pose

Use them together or as seperate poses, you always have that option with striking Poses, every couple pose we sell, can be used as singals!

Soley Yours ... take it, because is for you :)

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