Tuesday, June 16, 2009

If you .... *giggles*

Hello Lovelies!

Another week is here and to make you all smile with delight we have a new release for you(WEEEEE!!!). This time were not basing the pose on a celebrity (Celebrities are on a break this week) this release has be created from the amazing imagination of Zelly!

The pose has a rather catchy name "iF yoU SEeK AMY" (see if you can spot the hidden word ;)). As always this comes in a fatpack collection and of course you all know our poses are of the highest quality and sold at great prices!

iF yoU SEeK AMY Fatpack

I have to confess that Zelly has crossed the line when it comes to the design of these new poses! They are just hot, sizzling HOT! Pop over to our store and try out these poses for yourself, but I have to warn you, you may get burnt! (Yes! they are that HOT!) Also feel free to take a look around the store and try all the other magnificent poses we have for you!

Many of you may already know about this weeks release, as you are a member of our group and because of this you receive the updates before they are posted on the blog. Not a member yet? what are you waiting for? We have a Subscribe-O-Matic that won't use any of your group slots and you'll be constantly updated with all things Striking Poses!

We have set up a subscribe kiosk for Harlow which can be found in the front of the store ... if you subscribe using the kiosk, you'll be able to get all updates about everything that happens at Harlow!

Harlow update group

This is the kiosk and will be found around our Harlow Sim, of course this is also in front of the main store, come and be part of the most original and amazing sim EVER!

And to finish this post, I have something that I couldn't help but post ... my own picture using the dollarbie for this week, Amy Lee ... this is a lovely and delicate pose that is a must have for all you girls! It looks so gracious when you wear it with wings :3

Amy Lee dollarbie

As always you can find the dollarbies in the middle of our main store, just next to the windows in front of the stairs, there are also many more dollarbies for you and don't forget that at the back of the store are all the lucky chairs waiting for you to be a lucky winner.

During the week I'll show you my favorites (all of them I must confess XD) poses from this new collection, so keep an eye to the blog, and pay attention to Jordy, as she'll be posting be the rentals.

Besos y abrazos!*


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*Writer note: Kisses and Hugs! XD

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