Saturday, June 27, 2009

Super Saturday...Stuff!

Welcome to the weekend! I hope you're having a super one. I know I am! Although I would rather be back in bed sleeping for a wee bit longer. Instead I'm here sharing some more awesome things from our stores at Harlow, cos you just can't miss the fabness!!!

Pose - Taylor Swift #3
Wearing -
Summer Goldy ($210) from Ema's Secret

This is one secret you will want to share with all your friends!!! Ema's Secret is yet again another new store to me and omg I had been missing out!!! Gorgeous designs, fabulous glamorous fabrics and nice prices equals sexy clothing that you will want to never take off. I'm still wearing this cos its not only fresh and summery, its gorgeous too! You will look like a million lindens in it!!!

Pose - Krista Allen #3
Wearing -
Macy Bikini ($150) and Natalie Coverup ($150) from Exodi

I decided to explore the Showcase spots yesterday and stumbled across a gorgeous beach so I thought it would be perfect spot for a few pictures. I slipped into my Exodi bikini, threw on a coverup and I was all set for some relaxing time playing in the tide pools. I just love this coverup! It comes in two styles, sheer and non-sheer, so it can be worn over a bikini or as a sexy summer top. Its just lovely! The bikinis are a summer essential too. You can never have enough of these!!!

Pose - Vin Diesel #3
Wearing -
Marauder Shirt ($169) from Karnal Rage

I just love a man in a buttoned up shirt, and this one from Karnal Rage is so yummy. It comes with prim sleeves and collar and just looks so fabulously sexy. The tribal skull design gives it the more urban edge that is the trademark of KR. Your man will look hawt in this shirt! While you're there, check out the ultra-sexy new jeans in store too. Phwroooar I get all hot just thinking about them!

Pose - Taylor Swift #6
Wearing -
Faul Prank Shirt ($50) and Vintage Jeans ($99) from Amanda's Fashions

I love love love jeans, especially the worn in kind. These vintage jeans from Amanda's Fashions fit the bill beautifully. And at only $99, you can't go wrong! Team it up with the cute Faul Prank shirt and you have a cute outfit for shopping or just relaxing in this summer. Also in store are the cutest little summer dresses, and in the Harlow store, there's a special dress marked down to only $1!!!

Pose - Cam : Dita #1 Jordan : Xtina Gift #3 (no longer available)
Wearing -
All American ($150) from Swim

Nothing better to do on a hot summer day than go fishing. Cam and I headed to the docks at Harlow and spent some time fishing with 7seas wearing our sexy matching swimwear from Swim. The All American set is just perfect for the 4th of July picnic with your partner, and as I mentioned in my previous blog about Swim, when you buy the outfit, the trunks for him are TRANS!!!! How fabulous is that??? You not only get yourself a fantastically sexy bikini, but you can share it with the man in your life.

As her tribute to celebrate the life and style of Michael Jackson, Zelly has marked down her Michael Jackson pose pack to only $50 for the entire fatpack of 8 poses. Thats right, you get the entire pack of 8 fabulous Michael Jackson poses for only $50. I'm not sure how long she will run this for, so make sure you run in and snap up this special asap. You will find it in the middle section of the store along with the new releases and other special offers.

Its been quite the week, so kick back and enjoy your weekend with some fabulous shopping and bargains. And never forget to let those who mean the world to you know it. You never know when you might lose them.

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