Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Marvellous Monday Merchandise!

Omg is SL kicking everyone's butts lately or just me? From lag to crashing to nothing rezzing...its been a nightmare! At least I finally got my pictures done so I have something to talk about today!

Pose - Playboy 0309 Bulgaria
Wearing -
Summer Hunt Sun #3 ($1) from Papillion
Hair -
Queen Anne's Lace II in Brunette from Calla

Papillion is having a Summer Beach Hunt in their 3 stores starting now and running till the 4th July. There are 4 or 5 little summer suns to find in each store and each contains a gorgeous gown priced at only $1!!! I found this one when I peeked into the store on Harlow. I love the bodice and the lovely flowery print. Its a perfect dress for dancing on the beach on a lovely warm summer night. Drop on in and check out the hunt and the lovely gowns in store at Papillion.

Pose - Charlize Theron #7
Wearing -
Lilith Hair ($200 per colour pack) and Flower Belly Chain ($1) from Deadkitties

Wow is this hair just awesome or what? I especially love the spike headdress part, cos we all know about my tiara addiction...or haven't I mentioned that yet? Tiaras = big thumbs up!!! This is the style for someone wanting to be noticed and admired. Not for the shy! Deadkitties is a fabulous place for those into RPG or just like being a bit different. The hair is stunning and works well with the silks and other wonderful stuff they sell. While you are checking them out, pick up the yummy belly chain and there is also a sexy red dress on sale for $2.

Pose - Charlize Theron #5
Wearing -
Sassy Skin ($1) and Terry Tank Top ($10) from A Touch of Candy
Hair -
Reseda in Honey from Calla

A Touch of Candy is another store that has been a firm favourite of mine since my early SL days. Not only does ithave wonderful clothing, but the bargains are incredible. In store on Harlow are the colourful Terry tanks which come in a range of colours and are just the thing for summer. While I was looking around, I found this lovely skin for $1!!!! There are some gorgeous outfits in store as well, so pop on in and have a browse. You won't regret it.

Pose - Anna Nicole Smith #1
Wearing -
Lovey ($100) from Out.Rage
Hair -
Gloxinia in Dark Mahogany from Calla

Nothing is more sexy than panties and pasties and waiting for your special someone to come home and find you in them! Out.Rage has the sexiest teasing sets at a great price. Who could resist you in when you are wearing semi-transparent panties with a teasing kiss above them and cute heart pasties? As well as sexy tease sets, Out.Rage also has fabulous shirts, dresses and gowns...and the special Zelly dress designed especially for her. There's something for everyone here.

Pose - Maxim Anna Kournakova
Wearing -
HeartThrob ($10) from Nushru
Hair -
Crinum in Cinnamon from Calla

Nushru is a new store to me and to SL and its becoming a favourite due to the quirky and fun things you will find in store. Right now you will find three HeartThrob dresses for $10 each and an incredible pair of strawberry pumps for $50. This dress is simply stunning. Worn with the lace jacket or without, its a classy and elegant dress for any occasion. Don't forget to check the Nushru subscribo for more amazing gifts and spend some time checking out the stock in store on Harlow.

Pose - Angelina Jolie #8
Wearing -
Spyrelle Opening Gift ($1) from Spyrelle
Hair -
Purple Tulip in Brunette from Calla

Yummy! Just one word to describe this amazing and generous gift from Spyrelle to celebrate their opening on Harlow. The colours are gorgeous and work together to make an elegant outfit for a more bohemian look. I simply love it, and all the other designs in Spyrelle's store. There is also amazing fractual artwork on sale, so take a look!

I thought I was never going to get this post finished today. Next time I will need to log out so I'm not distracted by cupcake tiaras and boots!!! As you can see, we have some of the most amazing talent with us here on Harlow and so much to see! Pop on over, grab a scooter and check out these amazing stores and the others we have here for you!

And don't forget to hit the Harlow Subscribo. Our stores will be able to send notices through it to keep you up to date with their new releases and sales, as well as keeping up to date with the events here on Harlow and at Striking Poses.

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