Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Zelly in Zelly

Hi everyone!

Are you as happy as I am? I really do hope so, as we have finally got our new sim ready. All the shops are ready and you can start contacting Jordan if you would like to rent any of the shops! We have many wonderful and lovely little shops to rent all over the sim, ideal to show off your creations to your clients and customers!

Since the last couple of weeks have been very bisy for Zelly, I do not have any new releases to show you, I guess you probably noticed since when I didn't mention it in my Sunday news.

Anyway I have something to show you... A picture, a wonderful picture, a lovely picture a picture of our one and only Zelly Morninton, owner of Striking Poses and the Harlow Sim!


In this picture Zelly is wearing this beautiful and sexy dress especially made for her and... the dress is named after her! (that is why the picture said Zelly in Zelly)

You can find the dress at the "OuT.Rage Clothing Company" store. Zelly sends a great big hug to the owner Delaynie Barbosa for such honorable present and dedication. Thanks a lot Delaynie, the dress is really a piece of art and really fits perfect on Zelly, if were made for her ;)

If you like the poses that Zelly is using in the picture, I'll tell you which one they are, the two to the left and to the right are based on Betty Page, pose number 10, and the one in the middle is based on Zooey Deschanel, pose number 5. You can find them at our new store at Harlow Sim.

That is all for now ... I'll be showing you some new exciting things at Harlow and how you can have fun there. Also don't forget that Jordan Whitt is your girl for all things related to the shop rentals and always feel free to contact us if you need anything or a fast tour around the shop or the sim.

If I forget something to say ... be sure I'll be telling you in my next post.


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