Monday, June 29, 2009

Wo0t its Monday!!!!

Yay its a new week...which means new releases, new bargains and new goodies!!!

Just a quick update on vacancies at Harlow before I jump into sharing some yummies from the stores. We have one 50 prim store left on the dock, two 75 prim stores in the courtyard, one 100 prim store and the second fabulous main store still up for grabs. If you are looking for a new place to set up shop, come check us out!

Pose - Keira Knightley #4
Wearing -
Seductive Beauty ($169) from Rattenscharf

I was spending some time fishing on the Harlow docks today, and decided to check out the stores we have there. I was blown away by the sexy and seductive lingerie I found in Rattenscharf and just HAD to have this set. Aptly named "seductive beauty", it features a tiny thong underneath an open babydoll camisole with a sexy halterneck. How could anyone resist your charms when you wear this? If you love lingerie as much as I do, you should check this store out asap.

Pose - Jean Shrimpton #7
Wearing -
Barbara ($450) from MEB

This is the outfit I fell in love with at MEB when I first visited their store on Harlow. I just LOVE how real the jacket looks, not only in design, but the textures! With it comes a grey tank top to be worn either underneath or without the jacket, and a sexy pair of jeans with "touch me" emblazened on the butt! I love wearing the outfit without the tank top. Its just so sexy! Run in and have a closer look and try to resist buying it. I dare you!!!!

Pose - Maxim Mischa Barton
Wearing -
Alyssa (tba) from DollyRock

Named after one of the queens of SL jewellry, Alyssa Bijoux, the Alyssa dress from DollyRock is a stunner! Like DR's talented designer, the first jewellry I bought in SL was also from one of her stores! I wish I still had it, but I let my ex borrow it for a photoshoot and he never returned it. *inserts grumpy face* I did still have a lovely teardrop set which I wore with this gorgeous tribute to a talented lady. Delicate embossing decorates the left side of the bodice which is echoed on the hem of the knee length skirt. Subtle shading and lace trim complete this sophisticated look of this classy cocktail dress.

Pose - Sexy Kneel Dollarbie
Wearing -
Flora Strapless Sundress ($149) from Jazmyn D

Another thing you can never have too many of this summer is sexy sundresses! And what is even better, Jazmyn D is still having their 15% off sale at their Harlow store only, so this dress will cost you $149 - 15%! Okay I cheated and went into the store and $126 is what this dress will cost you, so pop in and see the fabulous savings you will make for yourself! You can afford to buy it in all colours! Its the perfect outfit for shopping, lunching with friends or even fishing! Which is where I wore it tonight!

Earlier today though I spent some time fishing and look what I caught! I didn't catch a message in a bottle, I caught a Genie!!!! To be exact, I caught a fabulous Barbara Eden pose!!! To make fishing at Harlow even more fun, Zelly has added some of her poses to the prize pool. Hidden in there is a fabulous couples pose too. Which one? I dunno. I haven't snagged it yet, but I'm trying!!!

For those who don't know how to fish with 7seas, here's a quick lesson for you.

When you teleport in to Harlow, hit one of the teleport signs and go to the Docks. Once there, you will find a Vendor, as seen to the right. You have a couple of different rod options. For $250, you receive a "Pro" rod. This has all the bells and whistles and uses bait. For $100, you receive the "Casual" rod. You don't need bait and its a good rod for those who just want to hang out and fish without getting into the competitions and ratings of 7seas. If you do go for the Pro Rod, you start out with some bait (I think 50) and after that, you do need to purchase more from the vendor. $30 gets you a bucket of 100 pieces, and for $150, you get 600 pieces, which will keep you going for a while! Then all you need to do is rez the rod and wear it. The rods come with a gesture shortcut for casting (F2), so all you need to do is find a seat and enjoy yourselves. Its a fun way to spend time with your friends or just some quiet alone time. Plus at Harlow, you don't just catch little fishy friends, you also get the bonus of catching poses as well!

Zelly has also set up a contest board, so keep watch for a fishing competition in the near future! You never know what exciting goodies she has planned for Harlow!

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