Saturday, June 20, 2009

Welcome to the Weekend!!!!

Time for some more yumminess from the stores on Harlow. I'm going to jump straight into it today.

Pose - I forgot to write it down!
Wearing -
Ambre ($290) from MEB

Omg you HAVE HAVE HAVE to check out this store. Gorgeous designs, fabulous textures and so many outfits you will fall in love with. MEB is one of my new favourite stores and after the hair fair, I will be stocking up on gorgeousness from their store! The Ambre dress I am wearing is a perfect examples of design and textures they use to make their clothing stand out of the crowd. The use of colour and pattern is simply yummy! Run on in and see if you are in love with the clothing as I am.

Pose - Snow Bunny #2
Wearing -
White Lilac Hair ($300) from Calla

Calla has been a favourite hair store of mine...well pretty much since my early SL days. The colours and styles have always appealed to me, and to many others. The new textures and styles are proving to be every bit as popular as the old ones, and there is no slowing Calla down. This style is just gorgeous! I am a huge fan of the short and sassy styles. The white lilac hair I am wearing is especially adorable. If you haven't seen the new styles at Calla, come on in and look. They are delicious!

Pose - Playboy 0309 Germany
Wearing -
Bloom Earrings ($450) from Flirt

Earring lovers, like me, will drool over the amazing designs of jewellry from Flirt. I love the delicacy of the flowers in the bloom range and the colours are incredible. There is the perfect accent for any outfit here. You will go gaga over the selection and have a really hard time choosing a favourite. I know I still can't.

Pose - Black Widow
Wearing -
Revenge ($179) from Divalicious

Sexy, sassy and affordable, thats how I would describe Divalicious. The store is packed with really fabulous outfits at wonderful prices. There really is something in here for everyone's tastes too. Being the huge corset fan I am, I was instantly taken with the Revenge outfit and just had to have it. I love how it works with the skirt layer and without. Looks like my friend loves it too! I'm sure it will effect all your male friends the same way!

She's a Maniac ($175) from Sugar Mill

One of my all time favourite novelty pose stores without a doubt is Sugar Mill. From poses based on movies, like the one above from Flashdance, to hilarious figments from Anicia's imagination, this store has always inspired me and kept me laughing. Just the other day a friend remarked that she had always wanted to take a picture in the chair and shower from Flashdance and her jaw dropped when I said I already had the props for that! If you are looking for something a bit different for a picture, check out Sugar Mill for inspiration.

Cupcake Launcher ($100) from Fire Good

As soon as I logged in yesterday, my other half IMed me and said I HAD to go to Fire Good and pick up the Cupcake Launcher. Again we're back to the fact he calls me Cupcake and its the just the perfect accessory for me to have. So I bounced on in, picked it up and OMG I love it! You have a tray of delicious looking cupcakes that you hold in your hand, move into mouselook and you can fire them at people. Cupcakes and sprinkles fly everywhere!!!! Without a doubt, its my new favourite toy! There's plenty of other marvallous toys and things to look at in Fire Good. So if you have a warped sense of humour like I do, you need to check it out asap!

There's only a few stores left available to rent on the Harlow sim, so let me know if you want one of them and I'll sort you out with one of them. We also have a subscribomatic for the sim which all of our stores are able to use to let you know what they have for you and also to let you know of sim events, contests and goings on. Hit one of them if you would like to keep up to date with Harlow.

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