Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday Harlow Goodies.

Yay its almost the weekend!!! Its been one heck of a busy week and I will be glad to be able to kick back and relax for a bit. Not to mention get in some more shopping on the wonderful Harlow Sim.

Pose - Catrinel Menghia #2
Wine Rack
($100) from Kreative Kaos
Hair -
Ladies Slipper in Honey Brunette from Calla

What kitchen is complete without a wine rack? Complete with sculpted wine bottles, this is a sexy and decorative piece for anyone who wants to make their home a masterpiece, and at 14 prims, its not too bad. It also gives you a wine glass when you touch it.

Baby Gift Basket ($125) from Kreative Kaos
Wind Chime
($200) from Kreative Kaos

Ever wonder what to get expectant SL friends for a present? Kreative Kaos has the answer. They have the cutest transferable gift basket full of things new parents will need. They are also a lovely decorative touch in a nursery. Another wonderful decorative touch are wind chimes. Coming in a variety of colours and styles, these are a gorgeous addition to your home. Touch them and they spin around, release sparklie particles and play music. There is also a baby mobile available.

Pose - Charlize Theron #10
Wearing -
Suffragette Jewellry ($200) from Ticky Tacky

Despite of the name implies, Ticky Tacky is anything but tacky! What I found was gorgeous pieces for wonderful prices. Take the new Suffragette collection. For the amazing price of only $200, you receive two anklets, two bracelets, a set of earrings and necklace. Its incredible! And there is a choice of metal and bead accent finishes for you to pick from too. You will enjoy some fabulous bargains!

Pose - Anna Kournakova Dollarbie
Wearing -
Cherry Blossom ($200) from Moulliez
Hair -
White Lilac in Brunette from Calla

Loving this dress! The colours, style...everything about it screams out "summer fun" to me. Nothing is more fun than dancing around the fountain in the courtyard at Harlow. Moulliez is another new find for me and after looking through the store, its going to be a favourite. I love the styles and the fabrics chosen compliment not only the outfit, but anyone wearing them. There's also a couple of fabulous gifts in store, so come on in and check out the lovely designs on sale at Moulliez.

If you are an art lover, then you will be blown away by the fantastic artwork in The Gallery. From colourful abstracts to muted and delicate sketches to amazing sculptures, all are here waiting to delight you. I am so envious of anyone who can create such masterpieces, and once you check out the displays, you will be right there with me. Maybe you'll find the perfect artwork to compliment your home and lifestyle.

Pose - Christina Aguilera #8
Wearing -
Black Stretch Jeans (Subscribo gift) from Neiva Kumasi Couture

Sexy, classy and beautiful...the clothes at NK Couture. This is another new store for me and I am so lucky that I get to work with these fabulous designers and spend time looking at their wonderful clothing. I have found some great gems and new favourite stores here on Harlow and I am adding this store to that list. You will love the designs and there's even a discount wall of clothing! Hit up the subscribo in store and check notices and you'll find the most amazing pair of jeans! I love the denim fabric and the stiching detail on them. I know you will too!

Its taken me 6 hours to get this blog done! And I can't blame distraction either. From things not rezzing, SL eating attachments and hiding pose stands...ack what a nightmare its been today. Whats not a nightmare is the wide streets on Harlow, the wonderful stores and great shopping to be found there. Come check it out!

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