Monday, June 15, 2009

Bumper Store Goodies Issue!

It feels like its been a very long time since I have shared goodies from the stores with you, so hold on to your hats, I have a BUMPER issue for you today!

Firstly, a reminder of the stores. We've had a fantastic response to the Sim and now have a wonderful selection of stores for you to wander around and browse in. We still have a couple of rentals left, including the 4 gorgeous stores on the dock. Even better news....Zelly has put in a 7seas fishing game!!!! Omg I am soooo addicted to that! I'm never gonna leave Harlow now!!! Especially with all the fab stores and things you can buy there!

Pose - Kate Beckinsale #7
Wearing -
Olivia Unikini ($150) from Exodi

Formerly known as Genesis, Exodi is the baby of one of the top talents in SL, Ryker Beck. I saw a picture of this unikini on her Plurk the other day and ended up in her store buying it, along with a few other goodies for another day's blog. Not only does Exodi have the essentials for summer, but there are also some of the most gorgeous skins I have seen in a while. I picked up the demos and am still trying to decide which one I was to buy. Its not easy when you have such fabulous choices! Exodi also has swim trunks for men, so guys, check them out!

Pose - Alessandra Ambrosio #9
Wearing -
Firecracker ($199) from VTwins

Its no secret that a lot of people are in SL to make money. Whats less talked about though are the people who are in SL to make money for other causes. Every year things get harder for people to make ends meet, especially around Christmas. There's a special couple who stepped up and decided to do something about it, so every year they raise money so they can buy food and toys for the families in their town. The Feather River Toy Run usually this starts closer to December with cute little bears around in clubs and stores where people can donate lindens, but this year, they are starting early and using affiliate stores to help bump up proceeds. VTwins on Harlow is one of those stores. A percentage of anything bought in this store goes to help the needy families of Feather River this Christmas.

Pose - Ursula Andress Lucky Chair
Wearing -
Charna ($225) from DollyRock

Another gothic inspired outfit from DollyRock. This one is a little more playful so I took a more playful picture. A sexy tank top with a skull and roses motif matches up with a cute little flexi skirt. Semi transparent knee high socks continue the motif with roses and leaves, or you can wear prim ankle socks in argyle. With this outfit comes a spikes armband and shoes to complete the look. DollyRock has always been a fav store of mine for good quality clothing at prices that won't break the bank, so check out the fabulous selection.

Pose - Lindsay Lohan #3
Wearing -
Flame Sequin Dress ($250) from Dyn

Dyn has also been a favourite store of mine for a long time. With new sexy clothing coming out all the time, its going to stay a fav for a long time. This dress is simply stunning! I love the asymetrical halter neckline and the fabric texture is just something to be seen. Its a gorgeous dress for a very special night out with your special someone. Be sure to look around and see the other amazing designs Dyn has in store. You won't be disappointed.

Pose - Katherine Heigl Profile Picks (no longer available)
Wearing -
Ballerina ($126 only at Harlow) from Jazmyn D

For all the budding ballerinas out there, you cannot go past the stunning new ballerina dress from Jazmyn D. A gorgeous corset top complimented by a lacey and stunning flexi skirt make this the perfect tutu for a pirouette or two. As a special Harlow opening treat, Jazmyn has taken 15% off all her stock in the Harlow Sim store! This will run for 4 weeks, so you can save even more off her fabulous low prices and stock up your wardrobe! Come on in and grab some bargains today!

Pose - Pink #4
Wearing -
The Hidden ($249) from Ali Couture

I just love this highland inspired kilt outfit from Ali Couture. I was running around my home Sim screaming "FREEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM" in a very Mel Gibson way yesterday. Yeah my neighbours already know I'm nuts, so no harm, no foul there. A sexy tartan bodice draps down over the chest, teasingly exposing a little side boobage. A ragged flexi kilt skirt with a fantastic belt completes the look and then you are all set to go off invading England! Hmm I watch Braveheart a bit too much I think! If you haven't seen the incredibly sexy and detailed clothing Ali Couture has, then you don't know what you are missing!

Pose - Carmen Kass #7
Wearing -
Cupcake Crazy ($75) from T Junction

I'm a huge fan of the t shirts people come up with in SL. There's so many crazy, creative, weird, funny ones available. T Junction has some fab shirts at really great prices. You get all layers so there's never a layering conflict, which is very good if you are a tatt wearer or just like wearing lots of layers. Of course I had to get this one, since in some circles my nickname is Cupcake lol. Although I think my friends would say its the wrong way around and should say Crazy Cupcake. I have cheeky friends! If you are crazy about cupcakes (the baked goods type, or even me if ya like) this is the shirt for you! If now, there's plenty more to choose from.

This is only a small selection from the amazing stores we have open for you at Harlow! You really need to take some time to walk around and take in all the wonderful creations from the talented designers we have with us. If your other half is tired of being dragged around looking at stores, he can sit on the dock and fish for a while and let you shop to your heart's content!

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