Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday news coming live from Harlow!

Yes its true, Striking Poses has a brand new sim! It's been in the works for a number of weeks now and has been the secret we had been keeping from you all!

Before I begin with today post I'd like to Welcome you all first....



Before I begin I'd like to remind you all about the sale we currently have on for our retro poses! This sale is one of the biggest in Striking Poses history and were doing it to celebrate the opening of the new store. All the poses in this sale are half price, yes thats right HALF PRICE! but, the sale is ending today, so What are you waiting for? Come on over to our new store and pickup some super bargains! You just have some hours left!


I have the pleasure to announce that this new sim will need to be introduced to the world of fashion. Wondering what I mean by that? well, put it this way.. I would suggest you all grab your purses and head to your nearest Mall and pickup the most beautiful dress you can find, as we at Striking Poses have the most impressive, the most exciting and the BIGGEST event ever coming soon! but I'm not allowed to say anymore just yet...

Oh, I have to remind you all that you will need to update your landmarks to point to our new sim, as our old sim 'Glenn' will no longer be open. Also, if anyone is interested in the land we have at the Glenn sim then contact Zelly for more information.

Okies, I'll share some more information with you in regards to our new impressive sim. The sim if you are not aware already is modelled on the old Hollywood style, including all the architecture of the buildings and the theme within our main store. Through out the sim we have many shops, and I mean MANY! The idea behind these shops is for all the designers that want to share this wonderful sim with us and it make it their home. These shops are incredibly detailed, and are really adorable in a shop kinda way, I'm sure you will love them! If you would like more information contact Jordan Whitt.

I must also add, if you stop by the sim, make sure you are wearing a hard hat as were still putting the finishing details to the sim, and we wouldn't want any of our customers getting hurt!

I guess thats all I have for today, I hope you all enjoy our new sim and feel free to explore!


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