Saturday, June 20, 2009

iF yoU SEeK AMY ....

Hello there!

Today I will share with you some of my favorites poses from the colection "iF yoU SEeK AMY"... I must tell you that it was very difficult to actually put together these shots with these poses, as they are just HOT! and well I had difficulties keeping my clothes on, I just wanted to give my boy a call and get him so he could "have a look". Anyway here we are..

My first choice is pose number 9, the first time I saw it the movie "basic instinct" sprung to mind and I'm sure you all know which scene I'm talking about... I didn't want to copy this scene as I wanted to show even with clothes you can grab the attention of any guy. I would say it has a rude style but not any less sensual.

iF yoU SEeK AMY pose 9

My second choice for today, is pose number 4. I can say using simple words that I would call this pose elegant, sensual and femenine. It is an excellent pose to show off some lovely underwear and wait for your man after his long day of work.

iF yoU SEeK AMY pose 4

Well my fellow ladies, I really hope you enjoy our work. Don't forget to stop by our store and have a look at these fabulous poses!

Don't forget that we have a huge second main store for rent at Harlow sim, for more information, contac Zelly directly.

Have a nice weekend!


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