Friday, January 30, 2009

Finally she is at Striking Poses ;)

OK ... This is the thing, Striking Poses new release is based on Jennifer Aniston, she has some special touch, carisma maybe, dunno, but ... but ... I'll never understand how she could let to Brad Pitt goes away!!!! she got the mos gorgeous man and she did nothing and now he is *poooooffff*

Anyway, this collection comes with 10 poses, and as usual you can get them as single.

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In the other hand, I think she forgot how to seduce this hot man, that is why I made some sensual shots, of course I used "Adara Shape by Striking Poses"

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Jenn ... I will teach you how to keep a man! ;)

Poses used:
Stand pose #5
Sofa pose #7
Ground pose #9

Have a nice weekend!!!

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