Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Come to See the best poses EVER!!!


I must confess that exist a girl that I really like, not just because she is beautiful, is more than that, she has a natural grace, that makes me think "wow, she is awesome", I guessthat is why she is one of the most famous Cover Models in the world, and not just that, movies, series and also band!!! and ... and I'm really happy that Striking POses have her on the new releases for this month ... Ladies ...enjoy with me the Milla Jovovich Collection.

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Its come with 10 poses, where you can realise that Zelly took that essence from Milla and put in this poses, we'll look GORGEOUS!!!

Well, I really had fun using all these poses and of course i did some shots to show you how they look, also ... i used 2 of the shapes by Striking Poses.

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From left to write we have Achlys Shape, using pose#5, at the middle is Achilla Shape with pose# 4 and I, personal shape with pose# 7 ... both Striking Poses are pettit size, they look so cute but can be sexies too, you know, we have a phrase that said "the good thing comes in small size" ;) Striking Poses has not just focus on that fashion model type, its poses are more realistics to what we see everyday, normal sizes non-long legs.

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