Saturday, January 3, 2009

Introducing SHAPES by Striking Poses!

Greetings in this new shiny year of 2009! I'm so pleased and excited to announce that I'm expanding my store in a new direction. I have just unveiled my own line of shapes! Of course I'm still making poses...and for me, shapes was a perfect addition.

My goal is to "keep it real". I make a shape that is versatile and unique, fluid and graceful. I showcase each shape with 4 different skins from top skin creators to give an idea of just how versatile the shape can be. I offer a completely free demo on each and every shape. It's a relatively small collection right now, but will be growing weekly. Come on by and have a look!

Here are two of them so far:

Striking Poses Store
ShopOnrez Storefront
SL Exchange Store
Striking Poses Blog
Striking Poses Flickr Group

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