Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Playboy and something else ;)

Hello there!

Another week is here, and another collection is ready for you.

As every month, Zelly choose the most hot poses from Playboy, and let us to decide how to use them and what to wear ;)

So here it is, the Playboy 12.08, okay I know if from the last year, but ... you know, I was on holidays!!!! anyway, no matter what date its has, the important thing is the collection is at the store waiting for all these brave girls to use it ;)

Well, I can tell that i love this poses and I couldn't help just to take some shots using 2 of them, at the left I'm with the Bulgarian pose and right side with the Slovakiam one.

I hope you enjoy them!

Oh oh ... a very important notice from Zelly if you want to see your person on our Store, read this ..

"Hello lovelies.

As some of you might remember, in my old store I had a space on the wall for the rotation of my customer's pictures that they submitted to me. For my new store, I have something a little different in mind. I have always been a huge fan of Elika Tiramisu of ETD and have always loved how she displays her customer's pictures in her shop, so I've decided to do something similar. I have a huge store with lots of walls to cover. Sooo...if you are interested in having a large display of your picture on my store wall, then read on!

Rules for Submitting Pictures:

Striking Poses Store Display Rules

1. Pictures must be 512x512.
2. Please use the highest quality that you can use.
3. No nudity, no exceptions. No private bits should be showing at all.
4. You must be a member of Striking Poses Update Group to be eligible. Don't worry, this won't use up a group slot.
5. You absolutely MUST be using a pose from Striking Poses.

How To Submit Pictures:

1. Submit them through the Striking Poses Flickr group. http://www.flickr.com/groups/striking-poses/ (I will no longer be accepting these in game.)
2. Enter as many pictures as you like.
3. Upon submitting, you must include the following:
a. Your full SL name and names of all those in the picture
b. The exact name of the pose you're using (freebies, group gifts, profile picks gifts, etc can be used).
c. Photographer's name
4. If any of the above is not included, I will assume that you do not want your picture considered for display.


If your picture is chosen, you will be given 2 pose packs, your choice!

By submitting photos, you agree to and are giving permission to allow me (Zelly Mornington) and/or my assistant (Akelei Schnyder) to alter as needed for display and I agree that your pictures will never be distributed or sold, but used for Striking Poses display purposes only.


What are you looking for in a picture?
Beauty, originality, creativity.

When is he dealine for submitting pictures?
There is none. They will be rotating periodically so this is an ongoing thing.

Who will be choosing the pictures?
Zelly Mornington and Akelei Schnyder

How long will my picture remain on the wall?
All pictures will be rotated out periodically to give others a chance. As of now that length of time is undetermined.

When will I know if my picture is chosen?
You will only be notified if your picture is chosen. At that time you can give your choice of prize.

Happy Submitting! :)"


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