Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do you need a new shape, SP has just the one for you!


It doesn't matter if I am on holidays or not, I still have time to do some posts for you and as you can see I work hard too :P

Today I want to show you the new shape called Airlia, is a slim long legged shape, with a lovely face, my favorite part is the nose, but also eyes and mouths are really well done, the good thing is all these skins lookg excellent on SP shapes.

You can grab a free Demo or buy them as Copy Only or Modify and Copy.

Of course I took the chance to create a new picture, now using this new shape and 2 of the freebie poses based on Anna Netrebko.

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As you can see, these shapes match perfectly with the poses, all designed with the quality that you already know, Striking Poses by Zelly Mornington.

Come to our store and try them on, we have a lot of them that you can choose from and also look for the best pose to match it.

See ya soon!!

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