Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The New Face of SP Store

Hi hi,

I know you have hear a lot about the new building for Striking Poses, but we haven't show it to you yet, so ... yesterday night I spend some time doing shots to the store, but my pc is so slow that I couldn't finish it. Anyway I bring to you the new face of Strinking Poses Main Store.

[click on the picture to enlarge]

How you can see, it has 2 main entrances, inside is super big, has 3 floors. In the middle are the new releases, freebies and sales, around are all the poses that you already know and the group and picture profile gift, also around the first floor are the lucky chairs and Madam Fortune ;)

At the second floor are all couples poses and at the third floor are the new Shapes by Striking Poses, all fresh and lovely made for you.

So my dear friends, come to visit us and take a look to this amazing new style store.

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