Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fools Fate Meets Striking Poses!

I am so excited and pleased to announce that Kamian Trescothick of Fools Fate and Striking Poses are now collaborating to bring you ultra real, ultra gorgeous shapes! If you've ever met Kamian in game, you'll know his avie is gorgeous! He's decided to share his incredible talent by making drool-worthy male shapes for all of SL to enjoy! He has three so far but you can look forward to more in the future.

Now you may be asking, "Where can I find these shapes?" They are on the third floor of my main store on the same wall with my shapes. C'mon down guys and check this out. ;)

Now here is a gorgeous shape I've made to go with the beautifully unique Cachet skin. The skin comes with open and closed mouth options. I've tried to capture a girl next door/sultry brunette bombshell look. See what you think.

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