Sunday, January 11, 2009

A New View @ Striking Poses


You just can't miss this, Striking Poses has something new for you and is not a shape or some poses, is something that will change your view to the world ;)


of course it has a special offer,anyone who buys the Velvet Eyes Fatpack (available on the 3rd floor of my store) will receive one 400L or less pose pack (your choice) for free. Simply drop to Zelly a notecard with your name, transaction number and the name of the pose pack you want and she'll send it to you! But hurry, this offer is only good till January 14, 12:00 am SLT.

Can you believe it, Zelly is non stop girl, she is not just fascinating us with these amazing celebrities poses, she started the new year with lovely shapes and now ... Eyes!

I wonder what else she will surprise us with.... wait a minute ... I have more surprises for you, hehehehee ... do you like SALES?! hahaha I know you do, that is why Striking Poses has a wonderful sale on

"Desesperation Couple Poses"

and "Jessica Alba Fatpack"

are ready to be taken and just for ONE, yes 1 WEEK!

But that is not all, there is a Dollarbie from Paula Abdul too ... and is totally FREE!!

Uff I'm getting dizzy with all these great news :P ... don't forget that you can always have prizes, like the "Superbowl Party Pose"

for GROUP members only. For all you die-hard football fans out there. Use this pose to celebrate whenever your team wins! Offer ends 01/31/09, and "Superbowl Cheerleaders Group Pose"

for Profile Picks Reward only. Show some spirit for your favorite team! Offer ends 01/31/09.

Okay, the last thing, and not less important, and I copy the same words that Zelly said :

1. Please make SURE you are using the NEW Flickr group. I am about to launch a new project involving you and the Flickr group and I'd hate for you to miss out because you have a bad link.
Striking Poses Flickr Group
Be on the lookout for more details!

2. I have moved all New Releases and Dollarbies to the middle section of the store. There is also a new section called "Sale" and there you will find a select pose pack and couples pose on sale. :)

Okay, I'm done here ... have a great weekend ... because I will do ;)

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Oh, a picture of the middle part

(click on it to enlarge)

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