Monday, January 26, 2009

News News News!!!

Hello people,

I am back after some nice days at the lake, the bad part, I got a cold ... neh!

Anyway, I came today to bring you some good news, I am sure you want to know what was about the contest pictures on our flickr site, don't
you? (sorry about the long post, but ... you MUST read all :P)

Well, we already got the first ones at the store!!!

so, Congratulations to:

- Arcadia Nightfire
- Ariannna Franizzi
- Jordan Whitt
- Toapz Saunders
- Tomoyo Breitman
- Sloane Rehnquist
- Shannoncharlize Gossipgirl

Well done girls!

Of course this is not all, you can still add your pictures to our group, there are some few rules that you can't forget:

Striking Poses Store Display Rules

1. Pictures must be 512x512.

2. Please use the highest quality that you can use.
3. No nudity, no exceptions. No private bits should be showing at all.
4. You must be a member of Striking Poses Update Group to be eligible. Don't worry, this won't use up a group slot.
5. You absolutely MUST be using a pose from Striking Poses.

And other points that you don't have to miss:

1. Submit them through the Striking Poses Flickr group. (We will no longer be accepting these in game.)
2. Enter as many pictures as you like.
3. Upon submitting, you must include the following:
a. Your full SL name and names of all those in the picture
b. The exact name of the pose you're using (freebies, group gifts, profile picks gifts, etc can be used).
c. Photographer's name
4. If any of the above is not included, I will assume that you do not want your picture considered for display.

And I will give you some tips, what we don't want in a picture:

- Do not write on your pictures
- Do not add any kind of frame
- Please, one pose per picture unless is a couple pose
- We need a close up pose, not a landscape where you look so small like an ant ;)
- Be creative with the background, SL has amazing places where you can make shots

So, with this, I'm sure that you will be in the next round.

Here is a picture (is not the greatest, but I did my best) where the pictures are in the store

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So, that is ... for this week we have 2 great Collections of some amazing girls, one of them is my favorite model, and a new Shape is out too. As usual a freebie!!!, about freebie, congratulations to the random winners for this week!!

- Caileigh Magic
- Ellis Yalin
- Jeanne Moulliez
- mAlice Mauvaise
- Roxi Richez

Also there is a Sale just for one week, the Black Widow Group Pose just for 150L and Bette Davis reduced from 50L each to 25L each (fatpack NOT included in sale).

I am sure you don't want to miss all this, so ... take your camera, choose your favorite SP pose and upload it to our Flickr Group, then ... come to the Store and enjoy all the nice poses, freebies and lucky chairs that are waiting for you! or vice versa :P

See ya soon!!

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