Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What December brings ...

Merry Xmas!!!

Oh wait, it’s not Christmas yet! You would think it was Christmas with all these adverts and promotions going on in game and in real life! … hehehe never mind … I am here to bring the best of Striking Poses and that is my gift for all of you xD

Like everyone else that went to try and win the lovely red winter jacket from the lucky chair, I was fortunate enough to get mine rather quickly! Or so I thought, I clicked to sit, my screen went black, and the game froze… After some mintues of panicking my screen unfroze and I was still sat in the chair with my new Red Winter Jacket!

So I thought I’d use my new jacket in the picture for today, oh and to make things even better my wonderful boots from Magnifico came with a colour changer and the red from them matches perfectly with my jacket! =0*

We all know that a wonderful jacket and lovely shoes don’t make a picture, no no.. it’s the pose that makes the picture! That is why Striking Poses is here, to make you look perfect in whatever you wear. The pose I chose comes from the second collection of Tickled Feet II Chubby, and is totally adorable ^^ this is pose number 7, and you can just buy it with the complete pack.

Tickled Feet II Chubby

About the packs, I still have one pose to show you from the first collection of Tickled Feet Chubby, this is the last pose, number 4. This is a is very special pose, I am sure you can use your mind to create something original with it ;)!

Tickled Feet I Chubble pose 4

Whoever said that you can’t climb with boots? Hah, with Bax Coen Prestige Boots you can go anywhere you want and nothing will stop you ;) I heard they were made to be never take off :P

Where to buy this collection? Well they are now at the Footwear Expo, so take your toboggan and visit our booth there, try the other poses that are there too and get your favorites. Don’t forget to donate some lindens to the Marine Toys for Tots foundation and get this fantastic trio pose called “Foot Buddies Group Pose” you will have fun using it ;)

Foot Buddies Group Pose

If you are looking for a shape that is different and lovely, Striking Poses has the perfect one for you, our last creation is Bryony, with a cute face and tall size, perfect for modeling … Bryony is for you!

Bryony Shape

Soo ... have a nice day :)


Ake in December mood!

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