Sunday, December 13, 2009

Way To Go Ake!!!!

I'm taking a break from the normal Saturday blog I write to congradulate our very own Ake on her wedding today to her beloved Spad.

It was a gorgeous ceremony celebrating over 2 1/2 yrs of love, laughs, good times and bad. It gives me hope that maybe somewhere out there is alight at the end of my tunnel instead of all those trains that keep running me over.

Ake looked so beyond gorgeous as she pledged her love to Spad in front of their friends, which included such names as Nicky Rees, Cerberus Noel, (omg I am such a fangirl of them both) as well as Zelly and Rhianna, whom along with Cerberus, were on bridesmaid duty and looked stunning as clouds on my screen. I can't wait to see the official pics to see how gorgeous they really looked.

Congradulations Ake and Spad. I wish you continued love and happiness as you both bounce along life's road together.

Don't forget the fabulous Dance Party tomorrow from 3 - 5pm SLT where you could win the dresses off our backs! Which reminds me, I need to come up with my trivia questions before Rhi spanks me! See you there!

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Mo Miasma said...

awwwwwwww wish you all the best xoxo:D

Akelei Schnyder said...

aww Thanks a lot Mo!!!

And thanks to Jordy that dedicate this wonderful post and really great pictures :D