Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hurry the Footwear Expo Will End soon!

Ladies and gentlemen we only have two days left till the footwear expo is over, so as a reminder I’ll go over some of the poses we have on offer…

I have 3 remaining poses to show you from the Tickled Foot ll Chubby collection, each of them are unique and very special so let’s begin with pose number 5.

Tickled Feet II Chubby

This wonderful pose also includes a luxurious bath tub, all so cute, it is a really original pose for all you designers and models to show off those nice pair of shoes, or some jewelry or maybe hair, or even prims nails?

Next up is pose number 6 , a casual stylish pose, I love just love the position of the leg and how the hip goes a little to the side. It’s not just a shoe pose, it is an ideal pose to use daily, and yes, I have added it to my hud

Tickled Feet II Chubby

The last pose, is number 8, totally cute, look at the legs they seem to be in a jumping position, kind of, this pose will look good if you stand in front of a wall or tree, or whatever you think that makes it looks great xD

Tickled Feet II Chubby

Remember pose 7 I showed you all last Tuesday ;) And don’t forget, all these poses can be bought in a package, and they are not sold singularly.

Also don’t forget to contribute to the foundation with our trio couples pose “Foot Buddie Group Pose”

Foot Buddies Group Pose

Take a look at the other poses that are in our booth, and if you want to get more fantastic and unique poses, visit our main store in Harlow :) take a look around to the sim too. There are really some great shops that offer awesome items for you to add to your wardrobe ;)

I almost forget to tell you, all the shoes I'm waring are from Magnifico, details on my flickr account (click the picture to visit it ;) )

Have a great weekend and enjoy your shopping


Ake! =0)

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