Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Summer is here T_T

Hello lovelies!

I’m in a great mood, you all must know why ;) (not because summer is here and we got 30°C and I was melting)

I want to thank Jordan for her lovely post and to everyone that attended our wedding, to see you all there was the most amazing gift we could have :D

The other day I was kind of bored … well … not bored really, I just needed something to distract me, so I started to do some photo shoots, and I managed to do some nice pictures. In my opinion. :P

I used the Drama Queens Collection, this is an old package based on an old drama queen actress, this collection is totally great, all the poses have a special stand that makes you feel like a queen, they has style and quality, I am sure you can take that Drama Queens out of you using this poses ;)

Pose 1

Drama Queen

Pose 2

Drama Queen

Pose 5

Drama Queen

Pose 7

Drama Queen

I hope you have enjoyed my selection, and don’t forget that Striking Poses always bases its poses on real life celebrities.

Why not stop by our store and try some of our awesome poses, also pick up the special offer and dollarbies for you all, but don’t forget, if you want that dollarbie you have to be part of our group, if not … you’ll have to pay more for it.

In Sale

Jeanie in a bottle- Barbara Eden


Dollarbie Pose 01

Dollarbie 2

And have a look ... these are our latest releases :)

Femme Vice Couples Pose

Wet Dreams Fatpack

If you want to buy the special poses made for the Footwear Expo, just wait a little bit, they will be soon at the store :)

Sadly I couldn’t make it to the party last Sunday, so I don’t have pictures to show you, but I heard it went pretty good :D so, if you missed it … what a pity! xD

Okay, that is for today!


Mrs. Akelei Schnyder

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