Sunday, December 6, 2009

Footwear Expo lastest hours!

Hello there *waves*
Today is the last day for the Footwear Expo, if you haven’t been yet or had a chance to buy something then you’ll have to be quick!

Only 5 hours left before all the shoes go poof, there are hundreds of shoes here all in on location, no need to tp everywhere! But of course you can always visit of store in Harlow if you miss any of our poses.

If you want to donate to the charity event when you can buy our pose at the expo, but you will have to do it now, otherwise once it back in sale at our store the profits no longer go to charity.

Foot Buddies Group Pose

Right then, you all need to start and get ready for our next party at Harlow! Rhianna is working hard to organize it for next Sunday the 13th of December … and guess what!!! I will have to work on my honeymoon! T_T bad girl Rhi … anyway We've got some amazing outfits to give away... we have 3 sets of each of the outfits shown in the advert.

Dec Roof Party

That's 12 chances to win some beautiful outfits just in time for all of your holiday parties! These are beautiful dresses from Silk & Satyr, Milady's Fancy, XTC Leather and Dance Creations( DC's includes matching shoes from Rose River Saloon)
Also our DJ Tydeyz Snook will be playing the best music for us to dance to till our feet fall off! :D
So start to get ready and … lets party!!!

Oh Did I tell you the party will be on the Roof? xD so be careful! We don’t want any of you falling! xD

See ya soon!


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