Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bouncing into December

Its December already! Wow! Another year is drawing to a close and a new one is right around the corner. Its a time for putting the past to rest and open a window to new opportunities, experiences and even people. This has certainly been one year I am looking forward to saying goodbye to.

Its also the time for SHOPPING...either for yourself or the people close to you.

Pose - Wet Dream 7
Wearing -
Look Short Design Tank and Blouson for Ladies from Connors

I love the tank tops from Connors. With two options in each pack - sheer and print - they are very versatile and incredibly sexy. I love jackets, and this one is not only a great design, but also looks fabulous when you wear it.

Pose - Sexilicious 10
Wearing -
Duality from XTC

Continuing with the black and white theme from XTC, I have Duality for you this week. Its one of the most versatile designs in store. You receive a white knit dress, which you can wear many ways, leather corset and black leather pants. You can create your own look using these pieces and look amazing.

Looking for a new store spot in a fabulous sim? Then swing by and check out Harlow. You get great support staff, access to the sim subscribo network and promoted on this blog. Not to mention some of the best rental prices in SL. Or maybe you would like to advertise your business on one of our advertisement boards. There are some outside the main Striking Poses store and some down on the docks, where they are seen by people who come to take part in the fishing tournaments.

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