Saturday, December 19, 2009

Trying not to melt x_X


I’m melting here in Chile, temperatures hitting 36°C and with 10% humidity? Eeeek, I’m not a great fan of our Chilean summers, at least I don’t feel all sweaty and sticky today, it’s very dry and I like it like this, just not liking the 36°C temperature!

This is why you’ll see me wearing summery things, and not winter clothing that makes me all cozy and warm xD

Today I visited a friend’s house, and managed to get a nice breeze of fresh beach air :D

So, let’s look at my selection for today … Quiet Elegance, based on Claudia Cardinalle, this is an older collection. The poses are just perfect for portraits, so have a look at my pictures and you’ll see that you can use them anyway you want, and you will always have an awesome shot or advert ;)

Pose 01

Pose01 Quiet Elegance

Pose 02

Pose02 Quiet Elegance

Pose 06

Pose06 Quiet Elegance

Pose 10

Pose10 Quiet Elegance

I hope you enjoy, Zelly will come soon with new poses and other wonderful surprises for Striking Poses :D

Have a great weekend!



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Anonymous said...

Where did that beautiful dress in the second picture come from??

INTELLIGENCE 98342.2 said...

What is the dress you're wearing in the second picture?

Akelei Schnyder said...

sorry, didn't see this post, i just answered on my flickr xD

here you go

the gown is from !!!Quality Designs!!! *Medieval*Celtic*Fantasy* 5

is a new desing so you will find it at the entrance