Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Xmas Eve Eve... least in some parts of the World, and in SL. For me it is Xmas Eve and a little girl very special to me is turning 4 today. She's still asleep at the moment...and gonna be very upset when she finds out she slept through Blues Clues!

On to the goodies from Harlow!

Pose - Male Model 2 #1
Wearing -
Belleza Johan Shape from Body Doubles

I thought I would start us off with some man candy today. I love Body Doubles. Its where I got my shape from and I have never deviated from it. I like how they look so natural and in proportion. Skin Specific Shapes have become one of their trademarks. They do a range of shapes to work with your favourite skins to show them at their advantage. Cos after all, you pay enough for them that you want them to look good!

Pose - Sexilicious #10
Wearing -
French Kiss from Milady's Fancy

This was one of the fabulous dresses we gave away at the recent rooftop dance party from Milady's Fancy. If you didn't win a copy but love it as much as we did, here's the one deal you will not want to miss out on. Only on XStreet for a very limited time, when you buy this in Tropical Storm, you get 6 more colours FREE!!! Thats 7 dresses for only $200! You'll have a dress for every party over the holiday season!

Pose - Sassy #9
Wearing -
Elf Girl and Rawr Boots from Nushru

Isn't this just too cute for words? Nushru's gift to the group this holiday season is just so adorable. In gorgeous red and green shades, you can bring out your inner elf and have some fun whilst looking hot! The boots are the perfect finishing touch too!

Pose - Pulse Racer #4
Wearing -
Pink Vest and Red Tie Tank from Evie's

Tanks and jeans would have to be my fav casual outfit in Second Life, as well as RL, and from Evie's come two new tanks to add to your collection. You can dress them up or dress them down, and still look amazing!

Have an awesome Xmas!

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