Friday, December 11, 2009

Partying the whole weekend ... yay!

I'm a bad girl ... I know ... but I've been really really busy these days, just one week ago I decided to book a date for our wedding, and it is happening in 2 days more

OMG!!! I'm so excited! I can't hide it!!!!!

And it will be a very busy weekend, because we will have Party at Harlow!! WOOT!!

Dec Roof Party

What is the fun of a street party? ... I't will be on the ROOF!! but the great part is you can win one of the outfits on the ad! YAY!!!

How? so simple, we'll have trivias, the first person that answer each correctly will win an outfit, we are gonna give 12 sets away, they are 3 sets per style, so you will have lots of possibilities to win one :D (in fact, 12 chances xD)

So get ready for this Sunday, to have fun, to dance all night long with the great music of you favorite DJ Tydyez Snook and we! the staff of Striking Poses and Harlow :D

That is ... Visit the sim, lovely shops there and stop by Striking Poses for awesome ... poses xD


Ake! (all excited!)

*sorry about english, my grammar checker is sleeping xD*

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