Saturday, February 14, 2009

Do you know any Genie in a Bottle?

Oh Master! ... I want to make you really happy!

Tell me that you don't remember that words, because I do, and no matter how old it is, I'll always love this Genius girl.

Maybe you're asking yourself why I'm talking about some randome TV serie from the oldies time? well, easy peasy ... Barbara Eden is our last collection for this week and if you don't know, she is the main actress for that great funny serie " I Dream of Jeannie" and of course Striking Poses had release some of her poses and others from the normal Barbara Eden.

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See, I told you that our collections for this week were going to be awesome, great celebreties and great poses ... for fantastics ideas and for suitable for every Hud.

As usual, some of my pictures just showing you how they look in a normal avi.

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Below is my favorite, look so confortable and casual, when you mete with friends at the beach, or a house party, or just sitting on the garden ... lovely isn't it?

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Well ladies, have a nice weekend and enjoy your Valentine!!!

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