Thursday, February 5, 2009

Be Sexy ... Be Hot ... Be a PB bunny ;)


Okay, these works days are killing me and I have just not idea what to write ... I wish I could just work for Zelly all the time, but well, RL is ... RL ... so, somethings have to be done ...

And talking about done, the new collection that I want to show you is just perfect for that special day that is comming, why not surprise your patner with a sexy and hot Playboy girl poses? You don't know how to do it? easy peasy .... just buy our new realese based on the January Playboy Covers from all over the world.

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When I look the poses, some nice ideas come to my mind, but this time, I just took formal pictures, so you can see that not only you can be a Playboy girl, you also can be a sofisticated girl xD even elegant !

Here they are:
PB Cover 01.09 Phillipines
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PB Cover 01.09 Poland
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And representing Latin America ;) PB Cover 01.09 Venezuela!
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Hahaha, how much I enjoy this .... Thanks Zelly for your great job xD (don't think that with this words I'm looking for a pay rise hihihi)

Weekend is coming!!!! YATAAAAAAA!!!

(I want to thank my friend Cerberus Noel for let me use her secret place that will be ready soon in SL , and for the bouquete of roses that she gave me as a present, even when they are for sell. So you'll see this bouquete of roses in all my pictures.)

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