Friday, February 27, 2009

Be The BEST with Striking Poses

Hey, you all know that I am a Latin girl and you have probably heard the stories about us Latin girls that have hot blood, the stories about how we are wonderful dancers and singers and the stories about how the Europeans are cold and boring. I don’t agree with these stories, and I have a fine example of why I don’t.

Today I bring you a spectacular example of a woman that is all round greatness, she is an actress, a singer and dancer, she has won 5 Golden Globe Awards, yes that’s right F I V E!

Ladies I would like to introduce the fabulous Swedish lady... Ann Margaret!

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If you want to be just like her, you can come over to our store and get your hands on the totally fantastic fatpack! And of course like all our other poses you can be them separately. The fatpack comes with 10 casual and cheerful poses, just like the one I have chosen for the picture.

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Have a nice weekend!!!

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1 comment:

Green Dream said...

Yes, but can she kick someone's arse and still look fabulous? ;)