Friday, January 8, 2010

Striking Poses is back!

No, I am back! :P

Yes, I had been on my holiday’s hehehe, not that I went anywhere. I needed a break to take care on some RL things and now I have to wait for answers … I hate waiting…. To wait for someone to tell me yes or no while my life is on hold till I get this answer….

And well… I broke my laptop, how? I changed on the graphic settings in SL to try and improve the way my pictures look, but I didn’t know that so I broke my graphic card T_T

I am here now and so is Zelly, finally she got her laptop and she can get to work creating some new poses for us. Oh and this next collection, OMG! You will love it … so here it is .. a sneak peak for you xD

sneakpeak 010

This collection will be released in a few days, meanwhile you can enjoy what we have for you at our store, don’t forget our last releases and if you missed the footwear expo, now all the collections that were made for this event are at our main store, ready for you to take home ;)

Foot Buddies Group Pose

Tickled Feet II Chubby Pack

Tickled Feet I Chubby Pack

Femme Vice Couples Pose

So, enjoy the snow while you can, as soon the hot days will be back and all that lovely snow will melt x.X



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