Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Shopping at Harlow

And I'm back with a couple more awesome things from our stores at Harlow to share with you.

Pose - Carribean Shimmer #3
Wearing -
Exodi Sienna Shape from Body Doubles

From the Skin Specific Collection, the Exodi Sienna Shape from Body Doubles is one of the stunners. They are one of my favourite skins and I have a huge collection of them, so having a shape to show them off is awesome!

Pose - Attitude #4
Wearing -
Femanimal in Snake from XTC

This was one of the first outfits I ever bought from XTC. I just fell in love with the snake texture of the top and tend to wear it with jeans or leather pants and it looks amazing. It comes with a cropped leather jacket, chaps, bikini pants, gloves and the snake texture shirt. Check out the others in this range. They are works of art!

Yellow and Blue Flowers in Blue Tub, Copper Butler's Table & Lilies and Roses in Silver Pot from Jazzy's Home Furnishings

Flowers add the finishing touch to any home, and Jazzy's Home Furnishings have some beautiful ones to dress up your interior or exterior. The add a dash of colour that will liven up your space, be it a mansion or simple skybox.

Pose - Catty Girl #8
Wearing -
Shoe & Accessory Hunt Gifts from RRS

If you haven't heard of RRS, then you are missing out. They share a store with the fabulous Dance Creations and many of the style work with those designs to make a matching set of clothing and shoes. They are taking part in the Shoes and Accessories hunt, so I thought I would show off their hunt prizes. For the men, the Snake Lost Cowboy Boots will be a great addition to their footware folder. And for the ladies, the Boho Fringe Boots in Mauve are going to look great however you wear them, so check out the hunt and check out the shoes!

We have some exciting poses coming out of Zelly's workshop and I can't wait to see what Ake does with them, so keep watching out for those. Also check out the vacancies if you want to join us here on Harlow.

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