Friday, January 22, 2010

Fairies or Angels ... its up to you ;)

Hello People,

I feel like the wicked witch of the west, ”I’m Meeellttttiiingggg.. Meeellttttingggg”. Can you believe that it is 37°C today!!! OMG and we don’t have any air conditioning systems, not unless you are in an office or shopping mall… but not in the homes here, were to far away for those things.

Anyway I want to show you the original pictures that Zelly was inspired by to create these amazing Fairy poses, from her “Fairy Essence” collection.

The Fairy Essance Inspiration

Not only for fairies! All you angels can use them too, just like I did! And here is me to show you my angel point of view :3

Pose Number 10

Pose Number 08

These poses are adorable, soft and very feminine, I am sure you will like them as much as I do.

Oh, I forgot to remind you all in my previous post about the shapes we have available. So there we go I have reminded you all that we sell shapes! Bryony was the last one and the shape is perfect for models as it is Stylish, tall and pretty ;)

Bryony Shape

If you are interested in renting at Harlow. Take a look at the following link to find out what shops we currently have available for rent. If you find one you like, contact Jordan Whitt, she is in charge on all the renting deals.

Have a nice day!

Tomorrow I’ll show you a sneak peek ! ;) stay tuned!

Ake! :3

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