Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Something for Tuesday :P

Hello Everybody,

Today I’m in a good mood, don’t ask me why, as I have no idea. Anyway … I came to show you my favorite poses from the new collection “The Ballerina”.
First, I must tell you these poses are based on the original ballerina girls, some famous and some from paintings. When you can compare you’ll realize how good the work Zelly has been doing with these poses.

The Ballerina Inspiration

Second, I’ll show you my favorites poses, all of them :D … but I have decided to pick out the most amazing ones, so take a look at them, while doing so you’ll also notice I am wearing normal shoes, so no need for those tight fitting ballerina shoes.

The Ballerina 05

The Ballerina 07

Now, the Midnight Mania Party was very successful, we reached the required 150 people to win the prize and they all got fantastic poses… it was a great way to have fun and the trivia we did was hilarious xD
Thanks to all of you for attending and we hope to see you all again!

Zelly last Saturday sent you all in SP group a nice gift, don’t forget to check your inventory , it might be in your Object Folder.

01.10 Group Gift

Just to remind you, Attitude is on sale for this whole week, 250L fatpack and 25L single poses, it has a very cool selection of P!nk poses ;)

Attitude - P!nk

We also have some shops to rent, if you need more info, contact Jordan Whitt for everything related to the Harlow Shops.

That’s all for today, have a great rest of the week!



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