Saturday, January 16, 2010

Coming Soon! ... tomorrow xD

Hi there!

Guess what, I have a sneak peek for you all today! YAY!!! Just in time before the new collection is released :D

Coming soon at Striking Poses

I hope you all have enjoyed our last release, The Ballerina. I found them totally adorable, the poses are just beautiful, really.

The Ballerina Fatpack

I also hope you have all received Zelly’s gift, was away to say thanks all for sticking by us. The giftfor those who don’t know was a box that contains 3 random poses and it should be within your inventory under the name of “SP_Group Gift”

01.10 Group Gift

Don’t forget that you can still grab the dollarbie poses, they are in the middle of the store, and you can get them for 1L if you are member of our group, or for 25L if you are not. If you want to be part of our group, just click on the board and it won’t cost you a slot as it is an automatic subscription group ;)

Dollarbie Pose 01

Dollarbie 2

My friend Lou asked me for a picture, together, so I managed my self to do something cool, in my opinion of course(my desktop pc is horrible slow), so he is posing the "Male Models 02" pose number 01 (based on Vin Diesel) and I am on "Posh and Spicy" pose number 10 (based on Victoria Beckham)

Lou and Ake

So, stay tune as more will be coming during the next few days!



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