Saturday, January 30, 2010

Did I say ... SALE!!!!?

Hello everybody!
I hope all of you are having an awesome week ;)

Today I want to tell you something really cool … and I’m sure you all will love it … because all of us love surprises and most of all … we love SALES!!!!

Striking Poses will have a sale on this weekend, just for 3 days … but attention! Just the International Supermodel collection will be 50% off! YAY!!!! How lucky are all of you :D


So what’s next? … Don’t forget to grab the weekly sale, Pulse Racer collection, based on this lovely actress Kristin Stewart from Twilight saga.

Pulse Racer

Lucky you girls, to have this on sale, is totally a super natural and cute collection.

OH, last Wednesday I forgot to tell you about the rental … don’t forget to contact Jordan Whitt if you have an interest to become part of this huge Harlow family, also if we have some advertising boards for rent, if you are looking for something simple, this is the way.

List Here

There are at the streets of Harlow and at the Docks … go and have a look!

Don't forget our release for this week!!

Singing Sensation Fatpack

So, that is for today, keep an eye to the blog and also to the group notices, another present for you is coming ;) I can’t tell you more!


Ake :3

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